Like many parents, you may be at times stressed out about living with a teenager. When it's time for their birthday or various holidays, you might be even more stressed; choosing a gift they'll use and enjoy isn't always easy. Luckily, these gift ideas should help you select presents your teen will like.

Graphic T-Shirts

One of the easiest gifts you can pick up for your teen is a graphic t-shirt. T-shirts suit all tastes; if your teen loves classic rock bands you can find shirts they'll like as easily as you can find shirts for teenagers who like the latest memes. if your teenager has a particular catchphrase, many shops will allow you to customize a shirt so that they'll have a graphic tee especially perfect for them. Because these t-shirts are so affordable, you may opt to purchase a number of them.

Concert Tickets

Like everyone else, teenagers have bands or singers they love. Setting them up with tickets to a concert is likely to thrill them. Of course, since you're buying, you may want to do some research into various bands and vocalists to check out lyrics or stage antics before making the purchase.

City Trips

If you live in a rural area or a suburb, your teen might have already told you many times that there's not much to do or that they're bored. Taking them on a multi-day trip to the nearest closest city might be a great idea. You can tailor your itinerary to contain activities that you know your teenager would enjoy. If they're a foodie, you can take them around to different types of restaurants. If they love art, you can visit the local art museum. If they love sports, you can pick up game tickets. They might also want a hand in planning the trip.


Whether it's the newest game system or an upgraded smartphone, most teenagers are crazy about the latest electronics to hit the market. Depending on the device you choose, you could end up spending quite a bit of money, so it's smart to discuss any possibilities with your teen so you're sure that you're buying what they really want.


Many teens don't think they ever have enough spending money, so a suitable gift for the teen you love might be some cold, hard cash. They might want to buy specific items, but they may just want to have money in their wallet to buy dinner when out with friends or purchase a graphic t-shirt when they're at the mall.

Having a teenager isn't easy, but using these ideas to gift your child something they'll appreciate can reduce some parenting stress for a while. They'll be happy and you will be happy as well. For more information, contact companies like Money Making Money Clothing.