Are you already planning a special Father's Day for your husband? Or, maybe your husband is celebrating his birthday soon. Whatever the reason that you are planning a special day for the man you love, from selecting men's clothing to hosting a party in his honor, here are some ideas that might help you.

Men's Clothing - Think of your husband's personality. Is he the laid-back type of person who will be happy wearing his favorite old duds over and over again? On the other hand, he might pay special attention to his appearance, always wanting to present himself favorably. If he's the former type, you are probably the one who has to buy his clothes for him, right? If that's the case, he'll probably appreciate the fact that you are adding to his wardrobe so that he won't have to do that himself. If he's the latter type of dresser, he will more than likely still appreciate receiving new clothes to add to what he already owns.

Think of purchasing a branded light blue sleeved hoodie that will work for chilly spring mornings and evenings. Light blue is a great color choice because it goes with a lot of other colors. For example, you might select a light blue hoodie; it will go great with any color of t-shirt that you might purchase to go along with it. And, the addition of navy blue slacks will go with the light blue color, too. And, choosing a branded hoodie will add to the fun of the gift. For example, select your husband's favorite sports team logo as the design on the men's branded light blue sleeved hoodie. Or, select your own design to make the gift more personal.

A Party - If you have children and you are honoring your husband on Father's Day, think of having the kids help you plan a special Father's Day event. For example, if you attend church services at the beginning of Father's Day, consider coming home to your husband's favorite meal already cooking in the crock pot. Treat him to a relaxing day where he gets to watch his favorite television shows or a classic movie he loves so much that he'll be happy to watch it once more. 

If you are honoring your husband on his birthday, consider what kind of party he'd like. For example, if you are best friends with one or two couples, consider having just an intimate dinner with them. If your husband is the super-sociable kind of guy, think of asking him to help you make a guest list so all of his buddies will be included. 

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